Throughout our years of experience, we have handled a wide range of remodeling projects. We remodel bathrooms, whether it is big or small, ranging from adding a bathroom in a basement from scratch, or redoing an existing bathrooms. We also finish basements, do small kitchen remodels, or configure current rooms. Whether you are in need to installing tile floor and back splashes, or do Luxury vinyl tile floors and floating laminate floors, Anchor Renovations & Repairs are happy to help you. See below for our full list of remodel services. Questions? Contact us for more information.

We paint walls, ceilings and occasionally cabinets and trim. We do some exterior painting as well if it’s a small home, or just the trim or a small area we do not do big exterior repaints.

We do large or small bathroom remodels. We can even add a bathroom in the basement if needed.

We do basement finishes, refinishes and alterations.

We fix holes, water damage, cracks, nail pops and textures. We will even do the painting of these areas as well if needed.

We install trim, doors and cabinets. We even replace wood rot on the exterior of the home in areas such as the soffits, fascia, siding, trim around windows and doors.

We do tile floors, showers and back splashes.


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